29th Annual Fundraiser

In light of recent tragedy that has struck our homeland of Kerala, India, we felt it inappropriate to conduct a grand event at a time when many are grieving. So, for the first time in almost 30 years, Shanti will not be conducting its annual fundraiser as a banquet. Instead, we have opted to fundraise online, through GoFundMe. As our heads and hearts are with Kerala at this time, a majority of the donations received will go toward flood relief in Kerala. Scroll down to read more about the specific relief projects we are fundraising for. The remaining portion of funds will go toward supporting the domestic organizations that Shanti has become a reliable supporter of. We hope we can count on your support to reach our goals this year. To contribute to our 2018 fundraiser, please click on the link below.

Replacing Handlooms Lost in the Flood

Our primary relief project is to help rebuild the Chendamangalam Handloom cluster. Many of Kerala's famous handloom silks are generated from this group of societies. These societies are made up of mostly women (many elderly, and widowed), whose entire livelihood depends on their ability to continue their work. The recents floods have destroyed lakhs worth of supplies and merchandise, as well as the looms themselves. We hope to raise a significant amount of money through which we can help the women of these communities regain their footing after this natural disaster.

Bookbag Donations

Secondly, many students in the affected areas have lost important school supplies in the floods. Shanti has taken it upon themselves to donate over 100 book bags, filled with supplies to high schools in Ernakulam (a district that was particularly devastated by the floods). Your contribution will help us cover the cost of this project.

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